A single interlocutor for a unique experience. Business and golf are one word with WISE Golf.

Organizzazione Gara b2b


Companies and entrepreneurs who, in addition to business, share a passion that can only be satisfied on a golf course. ISE Golf, through its dedicated events, acts as a link between these two extraordinary galaxies. At the best Italian golf clubs, in fact, it involves companies and stakeholders in sports and networking days.

The organization of these events allows participants to enhance their passion through innovative tailor-made competitive formulas, designed to sublimate the sports experience, combining with a business key that consolidates and accelerates relationships.

Team Building

Building a team is a step-by-step process.
Clear and conscious objectives are needed, challenging but achievable.
WISE Golf structures this journey with the company, supporting it in achieving the identified targets using golf as a means, but also much more. Planning, acquisition, understanding, re-elaboration and application are articulated on a dual channel structure: classroom training and field practice.

And it is precisely on this track that memory takes shape, a fundamental step to take with you, when you return to your daily business, as to what you have learned and shared and with the certainty of having done it with passion, involvement and wonder.

Organizzazione Team Building
Organizzazione Circuito


Golf is an unparalleled means of aggregation. And a golfer, wherever he is, knows this well. For this reason, WISE Golf creates company circuits on a national scale in every aspect, from the conception and complete organization to the highly qualified sports and technical support. Appointments, dedicated to geographic business areas, only apparently distant and disconnected from each other.

Each stage, in fact, is included in an overall calendar that will animate the spirit of the participants to put all their skills on the green to reach the final stages and conquer their success. Sport and business meet and intertwine, sharing goals made of passion and commitment.
And competition, the heart of sport.


A golf course is enough to give your partners, clients or employees a satisfying experience that allows you to strengthen existing relationships.

Relations to be awarded on the green through an ad hoc welcome path: WISE Golf structures the best experience for your guests who will be able to feel accompanied in a day entirely dedicated to them.

Organizzazione Incentive
Organizzazione Clinic aziendale

Company clinic

Events are not all the same. Above all, the memories that come from them and the sensations and experiences are not. A company that decides to donate an event organized by WISE Golf to its managers, collaborators or stakeholders means that it is on the trail of an experience of excellence.

Location and hospitality of extraordinary beauty, the guidance of a staff of professionals of the game for a first-rate approach and a literacy path to golf, modular and memorable programmes for participants and companions are just some of the distinctive features of the WISE Golf corporate clinics. A further leverage for your business, to communicate the value of your business in a unique way.


The team is everything. It is built with attention and competence so that, together, it can give its best on the course. WISE Golf proposes the organization of Pro-Am competitions. These are teams with a variable composition, but centered on the simultaneous presence of professional players one per team and amateurs three or four per team, depending on the structure chosen.

Everybody works together, making their own fundamental contribution to achieve both personal and team goals. Organization of the event and the high profile of the technical staff guaranteed by WISE Golf allows everyone to participate in competitions of great competitive and sporting value, delivering engaging and stimulating targets to the participants.

Organizzazione pro-am

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